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Keep kids ages 5-18 engaged with online classes designed by the best educators. With our expert tutors, your goals are closer than ever


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We’ve been giving online classes taught by reliable, skilled, and skilled teachers

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Easylore Aims to Support a Student With Advanced Technological Tools to Improve Their Learning Ability

  • Interactivity and engagement assures more active participation in online sessions and confirms better grades.

  • Attention-grabbing fiction, facts, or any other information to enhance their level of learning.

  • In individual sessions, conduct polls, check on student comprehension; and pose questions.

  • Reach out proactively whenever there are signs that a student is lagging thereby raising the overall learning level

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Our learning path is unique and innovative. We follow the Holistic Framework to Education for students to perform well.


Real-world Applications

Making children curious with theory and knowledge in real-world applications and more advanced ways of teaching.

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Personalized Learning Style

Easylore platform allows the tutors to provide customized classes to learners according to their learning style. Also, we carry out the student-specific assessment.


Well-organized Virtual Sessions

We carry out a holistic learning process with well-organized virtual sessions. Continuous synergy will be developed during the learning process.


Space for Critical Thinking

We give space for tutors and learners to address the ideas on a high level. After analysing their skills ability, the tutors work on the learner's weak points and assure high success rate.


Modern Learning Frameworks

Making children curious with theory and knowledge in real-world applications and more advanced ways of teaching.

At Easylore, we teach the students with agile approaches and support them to gain success.

  • Solicit Questions
  • Interactive Learning Environment
  • Timely Assessment
  • Highlight Student’s Individual Experiences

How Do Easylore Classes Work?

Your children are our priority, find the best tutor that fits your needs.


Describe Your Need

  • Select the topic that interests you and check the tutors available.

  • You have the option to use more filters to make your search more detailed in terms of time, price, age of the student.

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Integrated Video Call System

  • When it is time you can connect for the video lesson using the integrated video call system of the platform.


Instant Booking Process

  • Book your trial lesson, the lesson is automatically confirmed, get in touch with the tutor to communicate your goal and allow him/her to better prepare for the lesson.


Choose Your Best Option

  • Between the available option choose the best for you.

Start Learning With Easylore

Easylore encourages and stimulates learning through a variety of courses and subjects to make learners study their favorite interests more deeply. Our learning format and methodologies promote social interaction through group lessons. We have been offering online courses by reliable, skilled, and experienced teachers since our founding.

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Take the Next Step Toward Your Personal and Professional Goals With Easylore

  • Give contribution to a student's life by sharing experience and knowledge with pure joy!

  • Get connected with the learners from wherever and whenever you want.

  • Surprisingly high-income potential, predictability, and control are in your charge.

  • Become a part of Easylore's teaching community, which believes in the principle of holistic education.

  • Teach according to your convenience- set your own hours and day and earn at your home comfort.

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Learn Chemistry with Liyana, our featured tutor (she scored A1 for Pure Chemistry!).

Liyana teaches Chemistry for S$30 per hour session. Find her at

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Our tutor promo was such a success that we are EXTENDING IT ONE MORE MONTH!

All new tutors to the platform pay no commission for the first month when they join before January 31st, 2022

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🥳 #sgtutors #sgteachers #hometutor #hometuition

Dear parents, we've extended our promo till the end of January 31st!

Students get their first lesson free of charge for the first 30 students who purchase a lesson in January.

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At Easylore, we understand that Singapore's parents like to set high goals and strict demands on their children. But the thought of how to reach the goal can create unwanted anxiety for both parent and child. That's why our tutors help their students make small positive changes and new habits with each lesson. That way, the end goal is achieved after many small cumulative steps forward.

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Learning is a multi-sensory experience. Even memorising school work is enhanced when we use all our senses to help us remember and create mental associations.

At Easylore, our tutors approach learning from a holistic perspective. Your child's strengths and learning preferences are essential for the teaching strategy.

Start your child's multi-sensory journey with Easylore today.

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Learning does not age. Like the evergreen tree, the things we learn can remain living and relevant for our whole lives. Start your child's Evergreen journey with Easylore today.

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During his visit to Boston in 1921, Albert Einstein remarked that "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think." He argued that we don't need a school or college education when it comes down to simply memorizing things.

At Easylore, we believe in the value of great teachers at school to inspire students. We also believe in carefully targeted online tuition outside of school hours to help propel that student beyond the class average.

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Nitpicking on grammar rules is part of what we do to help your child excel in the classroom.

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Understanding the customs of various countries and cultures opens our eyes.

At Easylore, we promote an open mind!

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Our family, friends and companions can share our successes and challenges and make everyday life more enjoyable. 😎 #sgparents ...

At Easylore Singapore, we welcome all local and international students living here. We ensure that every student gets the tuition they need to excel in the Singapore school system and beyond. Choose your subject, pick your tutor and start today! ...

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