Cancellation And Refund Policy

Please read the instructions thoroughly before paying because it defines your rights to purchase, including basic exclusions and restrictions.
Easylore aims to assure that the financial relationship between tutors and learners is clearly understood concerning the services we offer. The cancellation and refund policy apply to all lessons and workshops provided by the website (collectively referred to as the “services”).

A lesson can be cancelled within 4 hours before the start of the scheduled lesson and will be rescheduled thereafter;
If a Learner decides to cancel the Easylore lesson less than 4 hours prior to the start, he or she will not be entitled to receive any refund of any amounts paid, unless the Tutor agrees otherwise.

We reserve the Tutor the right to charge the cost of the lesson that has not been cancelled within 4 hours its due time.

If a Tutor decides to cancel Easylore lesson less than 4 hours in advance, we will remind the Learner that he or she can always get a free Tutor replacement for the lesson or  transfer to another Tutor of the remaining balance; however if the Learner opts to proceed with the refund, he/she should make sure that:
the student has no unconfirmed lessons with a tutor for lessons with whom you’re requesting a refund
the student payout out was made less than 90 days ago
To request a refund please contact: and specify:
Your name
The name of the tutor
The reason for the refund request.

If the booked lesson didn’t take place because the Tutor didn’t show up, Easylore will help the student to find a new Tutor and transfer the credit from the first Tutor to the new chosen one; alternatively, the Learner can ask for a refund immediately after the scheduled lesson and will receive the refund within 3 days after submitting.
In case the tutor doesn’t meet your needs, or your scheduled lesson didn’t take place but was accidentally confirmed, you can ask us to transfer these funds to another tutor within 3 days of the scheduled lesson’s start time.
Easylore is not any financial institution or a bank, we do not offer any financial advice or service. Each payment made through Easylore is only for consumption and providing educational services among learners and tutors. The payments shall not be used for any fraud, illegal or criminal activities stipulated by law.
To refund, the course must be cancelled 24 hours before the start of the course. If extenuating circumstances mean that classes are missing or the course has to be cancelled within a short period, the tutor can decide to refund the money at their discretion, but the tutor is not obliged to do so. The refund option is only possible for your payment within 90 (ninety) days after you paid for every unconfirmed course.
Easylore is not accountable for any fees imposed by the payment system, and will not be responsible for any fees when receiving the refund. To the maximum extent allowed by law, refunds at any time are solely at our sole discretion.
In case you cannot neglect to request a refund within the stipulated time, you can however use the funds and purchase the appropriate hours with different tutors.
If you choose the Refund option, the availability and speed of refunding funds in the bank account will solely depend on the bank’s terms and conditions about transaction speed. Your refund can only be issued once.
If you purchase other courses in the future, the course will not be subject to the same refund application. If the user forgets/loses his/her login details (username and password), which will result in loss of data, loss of temporary access to the user account or other inconvenience to the user, no refund will be given. If the user loses the connection because of inability to access the Internet, factory reset or failure to update, there will be no refund.
You need to send a refund request to The refund decision should be made within 30 calendar days. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the refunds at any time are only at Easylore sole discretion.