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Career Astrology Consultation

Career Astrology Consultation

What is Career Astrology? The astrology natal chart of a person is a blueprint to their life. Career astrology is one section of astrology whereby the native is guided towards a career or profession that meets their purpose. What you will get out of the consultation: A comprehensive written report that includes an explanation of career indicators from the chart as well as about an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Astro-psychological profiling is also included to understand what stops the individual from moving forward into a purposeful career and how to make this a strength. (Including a copy of your natal chart) - A live consultation with the astrologer (typically lasting at a maximum of 1.5 hours) -A recording of the consultation. Information that would need to provide and have ready prior inquiry: 1. Birthplace 2. Birthdate & exact birth time * Please note that it will take a few days to a week for Sohila to craft out the report * Sohila will NOT read the chart of another person for you and there will be no sit-ins so that the conversations remain authentic.

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