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Geological studies

Geological studies

This course is the study of the origin and development of the earth. It includes the detailed study of the development of the Earth's crust, its minerals, rocks, volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, and continents. This course provides an understanding of the natural and physical processes of the planet Earth and an appreciation for the impact geology has on everyday life. This is a study of the classification and determination of minerals by physical, chemical, and crystallographic, and optical properties. It emphasizes the occurrences, identification, and uses of the silicate minerals and the non-silicate ore and rock-forming minerals. The weekly three-hour laboratory includes hands-on testing and identification of mineral samples including utilizing their optical properties in oil mounts and thin sections and field trips to significant mineral locations. Students learn to recognize and identify important ore and industrial minerals while gaining an appreciation for the application of mineral resources to everyday life. this course will be for both secondary and college-level students.

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