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Motorskills Development

Motorskills Development

The activities that have been planned for this program, ranging from simple to complex. As such, beginners will feel at ease as they start with simple hands-on activities such as tripod and pincer grasp. Thereafter, they will advance to more complex to complete Life-skill tasks and even create artworks of their own. This program not only aims to enhance the participants' fine motor skills, but it also aims to boost the participants’ self-esteem and confidence, perseverance, and dedication towards completing the tasks that have been laid out for them. Special consideration has been acknowledged to the varying needs of the participants and the materials chosen will allow the participants to explore and enhance their skillsets without compromising on their safety. Scaffolding and support will also be provided by Kethlyn. Please note that participants will be required to obtain their own set of materials before the start of class. You will only need paper, pencils, and coloring materials for the first lesson. Kethlyn will inform you of the materials needed and where to get them in the first week of the program so that you have ample time to get them for the rest of the lessons. Thank you!

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