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make english fun and interesting by indulging in fun based activities. learn to read and comprehend passages and answer them with ease.


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From grades 3 through 12, English is a required subject in the general education curriculum. As one of the most important subjects in school, English not only helps students form and develop their communicative competence in English, but it also helps them form and develop general competences that will help them live and work more effectively, learn other subjects more effectively, and learn for the rest of their lives.
The major goal of the English language curriculum for general education students is to enable them to formulate and enhance their communication abilities through practising listening, speaking, reading, writing, and linguistic knowledge. Communicative competencies and linguistic knowledge are constructed on the foundation of particular communicative competence units, which are organised around themes and subjects that are relevant to students’ needs and abilities.

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What you'll learn

  • 1.Through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills students are able to establish and build communicative capabilities.
  • 2.allow students to get a general understanding of the geography, people, and customs of several English-speaking nations
  • 3.In familiar and everyday contexts, students will be able to satisfy basic and direct communication demands.
  • 4.Students will be able to cultivate good attitudes about the topic as well as understand how to apply English to other disciplines.

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chasmi c.

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HI all, I am Chasmi. teaching to me creating and inspiring young minds to indulge themselves in the language and theory. i have worked in various institutions. I am a major in English Language and Literature. I love to interact with new people and


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