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Learn Chess with fun in 8 days.

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Learn Chess with fun in 8 days. Students will learn about the history of chess, its benefits, basic rules, movements, and purpose of a Chess game.
Session 1: For quality and better Chess learning we will be following Learn Implement and Practice methodology
Students will learn about chess board and piece movements and their values.
Session 2: How to attack by Rook and bishop and how to attack by R and B.
Attack and capture
Session 3: Double attack and laser attack.
Different types of attack
Session 4: How to give check by Rook, Bishop, Queen knight, and pawn.
Session 5: Defend check and pieces in three ways.
Session 6: How to checkmate by rook, bishop, and queen.
Session 7: Checkmate by knight and pawn. Skewer attack by Queen and rook.
Skewer attack and checkmates
Session 8: How to play the game and how to develops pieces and win the game
Basic opening principle

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What you'll learn

  • Learn Implement
  • Practice methodology
  • history of chess,
  • purpose of a Chess game.

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Priti S.
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    Priti S.
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About Tutor

I'm Maths Lecturer and my interest in chess put me in completely different shoes than chess. I have been playing chess for most of my life. I started playing chess in competitive events from a very young age and then moved on to training others. Now I have more than five years of experience as a Chess Trainer. I have trained over 30 State level age category championship medalists. While conducting classes my major focus has been on making the class more interactive for the students to gauge their understanding and clear their thoughts. Along with Chess, I am teaching maths, Checkers, Math's LOGIC puzzles, Sudoku, Rubik's cube to the kids of all age groups. When it comes to Chess and logic puzzles, I have taught students from 13 Countries around the world.


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