Malayalam For All

The course will help you master all the basic skills of Malayalam language.


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You can master all the basic skills of Malayalam through this course. You will be guided to speak and write fluent Malayalam. Learn to read ,write, recite poems and enjoy literary works. You will be helped to do project works also.

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What you'll learn

  • Students will be able to read and understand Malayalam.
  • Students will be able to speak Malayalam fluently.
  • They will start loving the language.
  • They will develop a good style of writing.

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Subha V.

About Tutor

I am Subha. I am a passionate, student minded educator with twenty years of experience in teaching English language in higher secondary and senior secondary classes. I am enthusiastic to guide the students through the intricate paths of grammar, literature and writing. I have a Master's degree in English Language and Literature and a Bachelor's degree in Education. I am also an expert in Malayalam language and literature.


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