Teaching Mathematics skills to primary-level students

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My online teaching includes the cost for teaching, providing worksheets for practice, doubt sessions, and taking tests to have a clear view of the understanding of the concept.
Teaching math skills to primary-level students should be done using multiple teaching strategies to optimize student learning. Engage the students in math activities such as sorting, organizing, patterning, mapping, and making pictures or drawing to find the answers to math problems.

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What you'll learn

  • Engage in purposeful play to support and advance learning
  • Use mathematical talk
  • Support the development of counting beyond simple rote counting
  • Provide mathematically rich environments before formal schooling

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Sonali S.

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I have been teaching kids of primary grade and preschoolers for the past 10 years.
For the past 5 years was in the USA and there also teaching the above-mentioned grade.
My teaching methods keep changing as every child has a different capability to learn, understand and express the concept.
I use to provide worksheets so that they have a daily practice of what they are doing in class.
This helps in the reinforcement of whatever has been taught to them.


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