Maths for primary school

Teach basic concepts of algebra and explain each problems deeply to understand the cincepts


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Algebra is one of the most importatant topic in maths. I teach algebra in simplest and easy way, so each and every student can understand. I am very interactive, so can ask any duloubts regarding the questions and after clarifying the doubts only i moved into the next one. So trust me you love maths if follow me.

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What you'll learn

  • Students thoroghly understand the concept of the topic
  • Develop the problem soving skill
  • Follow traditional and easy methods to solve problems, so they can check the correctness of the answer
  • Starts to solve toug hg questions too

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Hi all, I am Neena from karala, india. I am a post graduate in Applied electronics and graduate in basic electronics. Teaching is my passion and so love to teach students. Since maths is my favourite subject, i prefer to teach maths to students. I am very much interactive and teach maths in easy and simplest way, so students can starts loving maths after my class. I give my maximum for the success of each and every students so theu can ask me any doubts related to the topic


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