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As an INSEAD MBA graduate and with relevant experience within the corporate, financial, and entrepreneurship world, I will teach you how to set up any business and maximize your capacity to acquire investors, generate revenue, and have full control over your finances and operations.

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Launching a new business is a question of control and planning. Any business, new or existing, must pass through three main phases:

Phase 0 – Feasibility study and fund-raising
Phase I – Market validation and consolidation
Phase II – Market expansion and diversification

All these phases need to implement strict control over 6 areas of work that any CEO or Entrepreneurs need to be acquainted with: FINANCE – STRATEGY – OPERATIONS – COMMUNICATION – SALES – ADMIN.

My program aims at enabling you to acquire both knowledge and specific tools that will enable you to fully explore the financial sustainability of any future business idea while strengthening your understanding of the business environments, from BANKING/PE/VC to CONSUMER products. In details:

> Questions: How profitable your business is? How do you value your assets? What do investors look at? What are your market shifts and penetration assumptions for the future?

> Questions: What is my Value Creation and Value Capture? Who are my competitors and what is my unique Competitive Advantage? How do I innovate? What are my corporate vision and values?

> Questions: What is my cost structure? How can I scale and reduce fixed costs? Can I find better/cheaper suppliers?

> Questions: What do I communicate on? Who is my target? How can a logo and a set of graphical elements communicate correctly who we are??

> Questions: Is my Business Development team doing a good job? Can I create financial incentives for both my team and my customers? I am offering the right product? Should we consolidate or diversify our services and products?

> Questions: How do I set up an offshore/inshore company? How should I structure all my contracts? Am I having suitable legal coverage? How should I manage access to finances and distribute power within my team?

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What you'll learn

  • Create a financial business model
  • Create a Strategy Deck
  • Create an Investors' Deck
  • Build a Corporate Identity for your venture

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Mattia L.

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I am a Luxembourg-based management professional speaking 5 languages and an MBA from INSEAD, I own my Business Consulting firm and I am strongly driven by new business challenges as well as by working with engaged, dynamic, and experienced students of all ages. I believe that entrepreneurship and business management skills will be a must-have for future generations and it will be important to be able to build knowledge since young and in a fun, exciting and effective way.


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