Voice for students

Student's voice is "any expression of any learner regarding anything related to education" and describes "the distinct perspectives and actions of young people throughout schools focused on education.

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9 years of experience in the teaching field. Utilized online classroom technologies for students. Meet students online and go over their homework assignments in the applicable subject area. Identified students’ weaknesses and accordingly develop study plans. Made reminder calls to students before each session. Responded to students’ questions in a professional manner. Prepared students for state exams. ask students about specific topics or subject areas that are giving them trouble or that warrant further exploration.

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What you'll learn

  • Give kids more discussion time to explore and develop their ideas.
  • Make lessons personally relevant.
  • Encourage debate.
  • Lift up under-engaged voices.

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Sunitha K.
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    Sunitha K.
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  • Can Teach

About Tutor

I will not teach you. I will coach you.

Because after years of teaching and learning myself - A good teacher is before all a good learner - I discovered that the journey of learning involves much more than a simple “data” transfer: it is about meeting the unknown, overcoming the obstacles found in what you’re learning as well as in yourself, gaining self-confidence, and developing a new self that not only knows how to but also enjoys learning. Anything.

Now, in practical terms: I love creating a fun, relaxed, and effective program for you to learn through an enjoyable experience. A personalized and effective approach tailored to your personality, your needs, your goals, and your way of learning. Because the best way of teaching you is your own way of learning.

Finally, in technical terms: I am a qualified teacher from God's own country KERALA, and I have been teaching professionally languages and subjects since 2012. I have worked with people with all sorts of backgrounds, from beginners to advanced, native English speakers to non-native English speakers, children to CEOs, teachers to professional rugby players. And guess what? I love teaching because I also love learning: I taught myself English, Malayalam and Hindi trained as a teacher took a TTC course, and I am a passionate singer (don't ask me to sing please..... just yet!


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