Learner’s Popular Questions

What is the secure messaging function available on the Easylore Platform?

Our secure messaging function allows you to communicate with the Tutor, before or after your lesson has been booked. All communications will be stored online, and protected by industrial-strength encryption technology to ensure that only the intended parties have access to them.

Other than fees for the lessons, are there any other charges to use the Easylore Platform?

No. Learners will enjoy all the functionalities of the Easylore Platform available to Learners the moment he/she is registered, and there are no added charges.

How much does it cost to have a lesson with a Tutor?

Fees for each lesson and/or lesson packages will be set out on the Tutor’s listing page. The fees vary according to the Tutor, and the type of lesson(s) booked.

How do we rate Tutors?

At the end of each lesson, the Learner or his/her parent will be asked to provide feedback on the quality of the lesson. The Tutor is then given a rating based on such feedback provided.

Who are the Easylore Platform’s Tutors?

We wish to provide a platform with Tutors of adequate caliber and quality. In this regard, Tutors will be required to submit their credentials when applying to be listed on the Easylore Platform.

In which countries are the Easylore Platform available?

The Easylore Platform is available Worldwide.

Who should be using the Easylore Platform?

The Easylore Platform can be used by Learners of all ages. However, for Learners under 18 years of age, either a parent or guardian should arrange for and negotiate the lessons.

Which subjects can I find Tutors for?

Learners will be able to search for Tutors that specialize in academics, music, sports activities and special needs.

When do I need to make payment?

Payment for lessons will be made when the Learner submits a booking request.

How do I make a booking?

Learners interested in booking a lesson will have to register for an Easylore Account. Each Tutor will make his/her calendar available online and an interested Learner can book lessons directly through the Easylore Platform. If the booking is successful, the Learner will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation. If the Learner wishes to ask the Tutor a question before confirming his/her booking, the Learner can do so by sending the Tutor a message. This message option is available on the Tutor’s listing page on the Easylore Platform.

Why the Easylore Platform?

The Easylore Platform provides Learners with easy access to tuition services that can cater to their individual needs. When accessing or using the Easylore Platform, Learners will be able to choose tuition services based on the category, day, time, location of the lesson, grade/level and single, group or online lessons. The Easylore Platform also provides lessons for Learners with special needs.

What is the Easylore Platform?

The Easylore Platform provides the opportunity for Learners and Tutors to connect and forge relationships, connecting supply and demand.