Easylore has designed this questionnaire as a reference to dive into your potentials and assess the opportunities to boost your performances integrally; It will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete it; at the end of the questionnaire, you will receive an email with the results of the assessment.

Please, read carefully the questions and answer honestly to get more accurate counseling after it. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers, just different ways to understand the world.

Instructions: After reading the question type with the equivalent number of stars according to this scale:

  • 1. Never
  • 2. Rarely
  • 3. Sometimes
  • 4. Often
  • 5. Always

  • 1.
    I like to write a journal, create stories, or invent songs.
  • 2.
    I make questions about the Universe, the planets, or why the plants have those colours.
  • 3.
    I feel happy when walking, jumping, dancing, running, martial arts, or any other body movement.
  • 4.
    I focus better with music in the background.
  • 5.
    I like to do practical experiments to understand things better.
  • 6.
    I have fun with rhymes, tongue twisters, and Wordsearch puzzles.
  • 7.
    People look for me when they need advice to solve problems.
  • 8.
    I study and work alone with no problem.

  • 9.
    I think animals deserve to be well treated and like to observe them in their natural habitats.
  • 10.
    I enjoy movies, photography, paintings, book with illustrations, and other visual expressions like maps or graphics.
  • 11.
    I have a lot of friends of different ages.
  • 12.
    I enjoy creating different ways to classify my toys, clothes, or things.
  • 13.
    I can ride a bicycle very easily on the streets.
  • 14.
    I like natural sceneries and landscapes: jungle, beach, mountains, parks, lakes, etc.
  • 15.
    I do interesting Lego or 3D constructions.
  • 16.
    I enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts in my free time.

  • 17.
    I prefer to touch things to learn better about them.
  • 18.
    I set my goals and I'm focused on reaching them.
  • 19.
    I draw small sketches everywhere all the time.
  • 20.
    I enjoy playing strategic, logical, and ingenuity games like chess, puzzles, or Rubik's cube.
  • 21.
    I'm skilled working with my hands in clay, wood, sewing, cooking, or building electronic circuits.
  • 22.
    I enjoy group activities and games.
  • 23.
    I adopt at home every animal, plant, or insect I find on the streets or parks, to take care of them.
  • 24.
    I enjoy cutting papers and other materials to create collages.

  • 25.
    I can express precisely my emotions.
  • 26.
    I create my music playlists or music collections from different styles.
  • 27.
    I have a good memory to remember names, places, dates, or cultural details in general.
  • 28.
    Enjoy teaching or guiding others.
  • 29.
    I follow the rhythm of the music very well.
  • 30.
    I know my inner pace and, I don't care about others' speed.
  • 31.
    I'm aware of the impact of humans on nature, and I take actions like recycling to collaborate in decrease climate change.
  • 32.
    I have a good voice and ears, I remember easily melodies.